Yellowstone Epic in #3D

640,000 years in the making – Yellowstone Epic in 3D! Part 1 (4 minutes)

Photographed in 2012 but delayed due to *numerous* technical difficulties with video editing software that destroyed the project three times! Even in this final version, Sony Vegas Pro is unable to output standard side-by-side 3D without scrambling the video!

Photographed using dual Lumix GH-2 cameras and dual Canon HF M100 camcorders. Music licensed from The Music Bakery.

“3D Thumbs outwards!”, says Sikel and Ebert
“Totally rocks!”, says a geologist
“Puts the Steam in Steampunk”, says Professor Elemental
“Breathtaking – can’t breath due to the sulfur!”, said a kid at the hot springs
“The Force Awakens!”, said no one in particular.

Playing 3-D video games can boost memory

Playing 3-D video games can boost memory formation says a study from UC Irvine

Source: Playing 3-D video games can boost memory formation, UCI study finds

The study is published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

(Go Anteaters! My undergrad degree in computer science was earned at the University of California, Irvine 🙂 )

Flickr Releases 360Âș Photo App – but no 3D yet

Since 2005 Flickr, a Yahoo-owned photo sharing site, has supported a relatively large community of 360Âș photographers with “tens of thousands” of 360Âș photographs uploaded to the site. So it came as no surprise when they announced an upcoming VR app in September. Now, three months later, Flickr has released Flickr VR for the Samsung Gear VR, but from my initial impressions it probably could have done with a little more time in the tank.

Source: Flickr Releases 360Âș Photo App for Gear VR With a Massive Content Library – Upload VR

Does not – yet – support stereoscopic viewing