Apps for your camera! Coming soon!

All the camera world goes into the Application support hype! | Mirrorless Rumors.

Everyone announces support for “smart cameras” with installable apps.

Hey, at CES 2012 I spoke with every camera manufacturer present on the floor and persuasively told them why they needed to provide support for camera apps. I will, of course, take full credit for this revolution in cameras! (I am positive that no one else thought of this! Hah!)

YouTube View Fraud – how top producers once (and maybe still do) gamed the system

View fraud is used to rapidly increase the number of views of an online video, moving a video quickly on to the Most Viewed and Top Rated lists. That, in turn, exposes the video to real users who are implored to “Subscribe!”.

There are numerous online reports (and data to back them up) suggesting that many of today’s top online video producers use view fraud to game the system and achieve their early online video success.

Some say they still game the system: YouTube View Fraud – Encyclopedia Dramatica.

It was (and may be still is) quite easy to do. Another short example here.

This article gives additional tips on view fraud (embedding your videso to autoplay on every page of your web site)  and which video sites are better at weeding out fraud, than others.

This does not mean all producers engaged in view fraud but there are plenty of online stories and data to back them up that suggest a number of today’s top producers did indeed use view fraud to establish their online presence.


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Two 3D Still Photos – red/cyan stereoscopic anaglyph

Shot both of these with a used Kodak Playsport camera (Zx3). Stereoscopic image processed in Stereomaker. Red/cyan glasses needed for viewing. Original images are just 5 megapixels; if you click on the image you can view the full size photo.



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Do new Nokia phones eliminate CMOS “jello effect”?

The shakiness in this video ought to produce a lot of CMOS jello – but it doesn’tNokia’s unsafe cyclist promises ‘things are about to change’ in confusing new teaser (video) — Engadget.

Could this be a hint that Nokia’s new phones have a global shutter or use a CCD perhaps to eliminate the wobble? My current phone and my small sensor CMOS cameras all have terrible CMOS jello at the slightest camera movements.

The other possibility is that the “things about to change” are that with the PureView technology, they will include some great image stabilization built in – and the next version of this video will be smooth. That would be very cool!

Update: There’s rumor that Nokia will introduce something called PureMotion HD – which sounds a lot like using the 41 MP sensor to create image stabilized HD video, which would be really great.

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