Sony’s 3D Experience channel shutting down March 31, 2014

The 3D Experience channel, operated by Sony, is a 3D content channel delivered to Internet connected Sony 3D TVs and Sony 3D Bluray compatible players.

Sadly, there is a message on the channel indicating Sony is shutting it down effective March 31, 2014.  The channel carried demo clips of 3D music videos, wildlife and travel video, some of which was shot on their Sony 3D consumer camcorders, by professionals. Does not look like they had updated the content since perhaps 2012, however.

Sony has also discontinued their Sony TD30V 3D consumer camcorders. Professional 3D gear remains available from several manufacturers, but 3D consumer content tools seems to be rapidly disappearing.

Sony also sold its Vaio PC division last month. The electronics and camera makers have seen terrific drops in revenue and profits.

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