UAS Fund Files FAA Petition for Rulemaking on “Micro” Drones

A hawk stuck in the nosecone of a C-130
A hawk stuck in the nosecone of a C-130 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

UAS America Fund Files FAA Petition for Rulemaking on “Micro” Drones – DRONELIFE.

Main points – they hired expert from Exponent Engineering (formerly Failure  Analysis Associates) who evaluated bird strike – aircraft data and finds small r/c aircraft are a minimal threat to aircraft based on the FAA’s own data. (The US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River ingested a flock of birds, not a single bird.)

I jog past an airport that is routinely crossed by huge flocks of Canada geese and other large water fowl. There are flights of flocks with hundreds to a thousand or more birds that go across the airport and across the final approach course.

Comcast adds 4K app; discontinues Xfinity 3D channel

Comcast launches 4K app the same week it kills Xfinity 3D | TechHive.

Comcast’s 4K UltraHD programming comes via an app (exclusively for 4K Samsung TVs) that uses Internet streaming for 4K video content.

The Xfinity 3D channels is discontinued although some 3D “on demand” movies will remain available.

Cinemablend gives Hobbit film a high score for great use of 3D

Cinemablend takes a look at some basic 3D techniques and how 3D has been applied in “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” – and gives a very high score to Peter Jackon’s latest Middle Earth epic: To 3D Or Not To 3D: Buy The Right Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies Ticket – CINEMABLEND.

Since the film was designed, filmed and CGI’d from the beginning with 3D in mind, its been done very well.