GoPro Hero 4 said to support 4k/30fps, 1080p/120fps, HDR and maybe 3D

The GoPro HD Hero 4 will be powered by the Ambarella A9 camera SoC, which, besides being able to film in 4K resolution at 30fps, will be able to record in ultra high framerate modes for HD and fullHD, namely 1080p at 120fps, and 720p at 240fps.

Also included in the A9 specifications is 700Mpixels/s oversampling performance, multi-exposure HDR and WDR tone mapping, and electronic image stabilization EIS. There’s also WiFi capabilities with remote viewfinder and playback functions.

On the more speculative side, there are rumors floating around that the Hero 4 will sport two lenses side-by-side for filming in 3D, but that has not been confirmed

via GoPro Hero 4 specs get leaked, can shoot 4K video at 30fps – GSMArena Blog.

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Major camera makers have a tough time due to smartphones

Most of the big camera makers are scaling back production as camera sales drop dramatically. Nikon forecasts 2013 sales to be down 23% over 2012. The culprit is said to be the smartphone, whose cameras are getting better.

Smartphone Cameras at 41-Megapixels Pressure Canon, Nikon – Bloomberg.

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