Reuters suggests “mirrorless” format facing shakeout

Japan mid-tier camera makers face shakeout as smartphones shatter mirrorless hopes | Reuters.

Reuters seems to have gotten this story half right, and half wrong.  See below for the details.

  • Point and shoot market is mostly dying, replaced by consumers with smart phones
  • Says Canon, Nikon and Sony own 60% of the camera market
  • Panasonic and Olympus, two large promoters of “mirrorless” high end cameras, are said to be suffering in the current camera market shake out.  Sony is also a big promoter of mirrorless – the difference is that Panasonic and Olympus use the micro-four thirds sensor format.
  • The mirrorless market is large in Japan but has not had a big success elsewhere (around just 10% of sales in the U.S.)
  • The analysts think consumers want “connectivity” direct from their camera to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The Japan Times has a very different spin on this story saying the smart phone is hurting all of the camera makers including Canon and Nikon. And that mirrorless sales grew January through October, Year over Year. The Reuters story points to a drop in sales up through Christmas. Something’s fishy.

Olympus expects to return to profitability in 2014 (they were dealing with an accounting scandal recently). And Canon plans to re-engage the mirrorless market. In other words, the Reuters story seems all mixed up.

I much prefer mirrorless cameras. First, I mostly shoot video and need an electronic viewfinder, and second, since I often shoot 3D, I am carrying not one camera but two or three pairs of cameras. Mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter, their lenses are smaller and lighter and cost less too.

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Youtube 3D video player broken in Firefox and Internet Explorer

In the past week or so, Youtube has made changes that broke the playing of 3D videos in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Videos appear to display properly in Chrome and Opera browser.

In IE and Firefox, 3D videos display like this, rather than in the full size of the viewer:


Al Caudullo  ( has found a work around: Go to each of your 3D videos on Youtube, and edit the “Tags” section and add:


I did this for all of my 3D videos and this did fix the problem.

Glasses Free 3D Tablet Available

Just $349: The No Glasses 3D Tablet – Hammacher Schlemmer.

Unfortunately, no manufacturer name is provided. But it runs Android 4.1. It does not include a 3D camera, and the built in 2D cameras are lame. And what does “1080p HD display with 1280 x 800 resolution” mean? Am guessing its just a 1280×800 resolution but it down scales 1080p content.

From the specs, this is not terribly impressive as a 3D tablet. I’d skip it for sure.


3D in the news – or not

Early last year I began tracking 3D news stories using and a search for “3D”. Early on, a fair number of 3D stories were about 3D photography, 3D cameras and especially 3D content (movies, theaters, project systems) and 3D video games and displays.

Today, probably 95% of the stories are about 3D printing technology and 3D printing of products.

We know that consumption of 3D movies at theaters is up and the sale of 3D DVD discs and 3D HDTVs are also up strongly. But the popular meme is that 3D is dead which seems to shape news coverage.

3D is not dead, its just become ordinary and normal.

3D printing is the hot new thing (and it is).

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New 3D rig for the GoPro Hero3 available for $99 from 3DGuy.TV

Go here to take a look at and buy the mounting rig and sync cable on sale for $99.


Al Cadullo is a professional 2D/3D cinematographer who has found the GoPro’s provide a compact and excellent quality 3D rig when mated with each other. GoPro sold a synchronization package for their Hero2 but the Hero3 version has been delayed. So he’s come up with his own product.

Reviewed: The Day of the Doctor: A 3D Triumph or Failure?

The Day of the Doctor: A 3D Triumph or Failure? | Doctor Who TV.

I have not seen yet but see that it is available for online viewing pay-per-view for US$7.99: The Day of the Doctor [HD] or you can hold out for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor (Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD Combo) available in a week or two.

As a 3D video photographer I oddly do not own a Blu-ray player – I think we will get one for Christmas.