Olympus introduces the Olympus Air for smart phones

Olympus Air A01 smartphone camera allows interchangeable lenses to be attached to your phone for DSLR quality photos.

Source: Air A01 Smartphone Camera | Olympus

It’s a micro four thirds lens holder that interfaces to your smart phone – effectively turning your smart phone into a smart camera with real lenses.

The phone may be mounted on the interface, handheld away from the lens, or even a ways a way – it links via WiFi.

And the Air includes a micro SD card slot – you do not have to use up all your phone’s memory for photos.

And it’s only US $299.99.

Olympus AIR A01 Black Body only
$299.99 with Free Shipping

Olympus AIR A01 White Body only
$299.99 with Free Shipping

Olympus AIR A01 Black body with the 14-42mm Black Lens.
$499.99 with Free Shipping

Olympus AIR A01 White body with 14-42mm Sliver Lens
$499.99 with Free Shipping

Holus’ desktop 3D Hologram

It’s a desktop 3D display that can be viewed from 360 degrees around. Watch the video here to see what they have in mind.

I saw something like this at a conference that I think was an earlier version – the concept has interesting applications. I think the use case is industrial design, mechanical engineering scenarios and not entertainment (but they think it has consumer applications). Think of creating a 3D design in CAD, then displaying a pseudo-walk around display model before committing to a 3D printer – very useful actually.

Launched on Kickstarter this morning, Holus is a tabletop device that converts digital content into a 3D hologram. Created by H+ Technologies out of..

Source: Holus Is A Tabletop Device That Turns Digital Media Into A 3D Hologram | TechCrunch

Time will tell if there is a consumer market for the device. I can certainly see commercial applications!