Gondoliers inside The Venetian, in #3D red/cyan anaglyph

As you know, everything in Las Vegas is a little out there. Inside the enormous Venetian hotel and casino there is a canal and gondoliers shuttle visitors along the interior canal, while singing.

This was taken with a Fujifilm W3, handheld, at probably 1/30th or 1/15th second (I didn’t check the EXIF) and ISO 800. The Fujifilm W3 becomes quite grainy at ISO 800 but it was needed in this poorly lit area.

GondilierTurnAround (Large)

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I have a few more items from CES still…

However, 2 1/2 weeks after leaving CES with the flu, I continue to run a low grade fever and continue with a nagging cough. This has been hard to deal with – had to prepare and give my M.S. in software engineering thesis oral presentation while sick.

With the continued fatigue and headache from the flu, I just have not felt like going through my notes and photos and doing a good write up.

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TV manufacturers say 3D no reason to buy TV – because 4k TV sets will earn them a lot more money!

TV manufacturers Sony, LG and Samsung will focus mainly on OLED and Ultra HD and state that 3D technology is no reason for consumers to purchase a new TV. The manufacturers warn that this doesn’t mean that 3D isn’t important but that it had its peak time.

via MyCE.com.

Lack of 4K content is going to be a similar problem to what happened for 3D. TV manufacturers would love to sell you a 4K TV as the earnings on 4K are likely to be much greater, for the foreseeable future. This is mostly about positioning products to earn greater profits.

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