A completely different way to shoot 3D with a DSLR or DSLM camera

A completely different way to shoot 3D. For the photo at left (red/cyan 3D anaglyph), I put the Canon SX1 into continuous shooting mode. I pressed the shutter and panned slowly to the right, firing off more than a dozen photos. For the photo at right, I did the same thing but this time I walked slowly from left to right. I then selected two photos from each sequence to use as a “left” and “right” image and processed with StereoPhoto Maker into these anaglyphs. This worked quite well as a simple way to grab stereo shots – and get multiple stereobases!

I am historically more of a video shooter than a still shooter and I have done some 3D video this way. As long as there is movement in the video, it is often possible to use “frame offsets” to create a 3D video out of the 2D video. For example, I may shoot a video clip while either I or the subject is moving. I put down the original clip as the left track and then copy and time shift the track to create the right track. Depending on the direction of travel, I offset by 1 or 2 frames (+ or – depending on direction) for the right track. This creates a right eye view that is offset just enough from the left to perform a 2D to 3D conversion of the video.

These still photos are pretty much the same idea. Now, since my Lumix GH2 can shoot a 40 frame burst mode, shooting 40 frames per second at 4k resolution – hmmm – this could be fun!

This shot was done with simple panning of the camera while I stood still:

This shot was done by walking alongside the trailer as the shutter fired repeatedly:

Panasonics CMOS Sensor Enables to Take 3D Video With Single Lens

Panasonic Corp developed a 2.1-Mpixel CMOS image sensor for camera systems capable of taking 3D movie with a single lens and announced it at ISSCC 2013 thesis number: 27.8.Traditionally, two lenses and two CMOS sensors are required to take 3D video. But Panasonic enabled to do it with a single lens and a CMOS image sensor.

via Panasonics CMOS Sensor Enables to Take 3D Video With Single Lens — Tech-On!.

3D Printed “Sound” Amplifiers

Believe it or not, these work great. They are acoustic chambers that focus the sound from an iPhone such that you can turn your iPhone into a nice “amplified” sound system without an amplifier.

The company that designs and sells the acoustic chambers is Simply Amplified. They outsource the actual 3D printing to a 3D print service firm: http://www.growit3d.com/

These are shown being demo’d at the 2013 CES.

P1000942 (Custom)

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Interactive, volumetric 3D display

A volumetric 3D display is a display that exists in more than 2-dimensions – it literally has volume.  Here’s an early version that for now is mostly 2D but a future version will include a volume:

P1000893 (Custom)Displair LLC is a Russia-based firm.

It is hard to tell from the photo what is going on so I will try to explain.  Here, a humidifier like device is creating a translucent wall on to which interactive video images (computer generated) are projected. The system also includes sensors that identify hand movements so that, as shown her by their marketing rep, can interact with the projected objects.

A future version (quite a ways out yet) will expand this planar version in to a volume.


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