New Nikon Cameras – Should Canon Shooters Switch?

Actually, if you switch from Canon to Nikon, your photography will instantly achieve astonishing levels of beauty and effectiveness, and you will be able to print your photographs at least twice as large and with more 3D-effect, accurate rendering, and enhanced micro contrast. Viewers will marvel aloud at the lack of shadow noise banding and the remarkable freedom from distortion and aberrations in your work.

New Nikon Cameras – Should Canon Shooters Switch?.

Heh. Read the whole thing – it gets even better.

Disclosure: My brother wrote that 🙂

Panasonic GH2 at $599 – Nice

Panasonic GH2 at $599!! – Expires 4/21 | CanonWatch.

Nice. Canon Watch is now promoting Panasonic’s Lumix GH-2 – which is said to have better video than the new Canon 5D Mark III, but for a fraction of the latter’s price. In fact, you can buy about seven GH-2s for the price of the Mark III 🙂 The 5D, of course, is a full frame camera that excels at certain types of still photography.

Disclosure: I have two Canon video cameras, one Canon high end point n shoot, and two GH-2s so my biases are conflicted 🙂

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