Youtube’s 3D support implemented by one s/w engr in his spare time

The implementation of the universal 3D video player on Youtube was the work of Google’s Peter Bradshaw, who thought of the idea of combining left and right images in to multiple 3D formats, right in the player. He built it in about 3 weeks time. That was then: How YouTube 3D Came to Be.

For reasons unknown, as of September 30 2014, the user interface for the 3D video options has been removed by Youtube. No explanation has been given.  3D options still remain in the Advanced Settings pane of the video upload page. Perhaps the 3D player options will come back?

Copyright scammers issue false copyright claims on Youtube videos

Read the whole thread: Help! I got a falsely accused Copyright Strike! – Google Product Forums.

Anyone can make a copyright claim against others on Youtube, and start earning ad revenue off of your videos. This has turned into a cottage industry for scammers. If you contest their claims, they come right back and make bogus claims on other videos.

The entire Youtube copyright mechanism is broken.

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Nokia conducts an interesting research study on usage of 3D cameras by consumers

From Stereoscopy News and

Abstract | Digital stereoscopic 3D cameras have entered the consumer market in recent years, but the acceptance of this novel technology has not yet been studied. The aim of this study was to identify the benefits and problems that novice users encounter in 3D photography by equipping five users with 3D cameras for a 4-week trial. We gathered data using a weekly questionnaire, an exit interview, and a stereoscopic disparity analysis of the 699 photographs taken during the trial. The results indicate that the participants took photographs at too-close distances, which caused excessive disparities. They learned to avoid the problem to some extent; the number of failed photographs due to excessive stereoscopic disparity decreased 70 % in 4 weeks. The participants also developed a preference for subjects that included clear depth differences and started to avoid photographing people because they looked unnatural in3Dphotographs.They also regarded flash-induced shadows and edge violations problematic because of the unnatural effects in the photographs. We propose in-camera assistance tools for 3D cameras to make 3D photography easier.

via STEREOSCOPY :: Nokia Research Center Publication – Why 3D Cameras.

Click through for a link to the full study.

Youtube’s Universal 3D Video Player has Vanished

All my tech decided to fail at once – you can read about that here – which is why this blog has been offline much of today and not updated much recently.

Separately, Youtube’s universal 3D video player disappeared last night. Previously, the 3D player did not work in Chrome but was usable in FireFox, IE and Opera.

As reported on the 3D TV Yahoo Group the 3D video player has vanished from Youtube.

The Youtube video uploader still has options for selecting 3D video options during upload. Does that mean the 3D video player is coming back? No one knows.

We can only make some guesses – presumably the 3D video player relied on the Adobe Flash Player, which nearly everyone hates and is trying to eliminate. HTML5 supposedly provides some new support – Chrome tries to use HTML5 for the player that always ends up with an error on 3D videos.