Amazon selling the Lumix GH-2, with lens, for $795

Amazon selling the Lumix GH-2 for $795 – that is not a misprint and that includes the kit lens.

A major firmware upgrade is coming shortly, as well, and will add several new features.

I have this camera and love it.

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Excellent movie editing software available for just $14.99

Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 HD Software – Sets New Video Editing Standards, Transform Recordings With Special Effects at

I have this product and its excellent and can recommend it. I am not normally using it now because it did not fully support 24p. But for 30p, 60p and 60i video, which is what most people are shooting, this is a great product. In one user interface view, Magix Movie Edit provides a simple iMovie-like editor, while in a timeline view, it performs more like Final Cut, Vegas or Adobe Premiere. Plus it comes with a pre-defined set of very nice animated titles, and many other capabilities.

Update: No wonder about the price – version 18 of the software is now out and is said to properly handle 24p now.  I liked version 17 and suspect 18 will be a fine product.

How many clicks will your camera shutter last?

How many shutter clicks can your camera handle before the shutter stops working correctly? Well, it depends on the camera, whether it uses electronic or mechanical shutter, and whether it is a consumer or pro camera.

This is an issue especially now that many photographers are shooting time lapse videos using their DSLR. A 100 second video clip might use 3,000 clicks of the shutter!

There is actual data that can estimate how many clicks you’ll get before needing to replace the shutter.

Professional cameras may make it to the low millions of clicks, but the lower end cameras may wear out before 100k clicks. Page down to see the estimated shutter life.

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