Next Adobe Creative Cloud update drops support of earlier Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11 #AdobeCC

‘As we prepare for our next major release of Creative Cloud, we wanted to share some information on updated operating system requirements,’ says Adobe. ‘To take advantage of the latest operating system features and technologies, the next major release of Creative Cloud will not support Windows 8.1, Windows 10 v1511 and v1607, and Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan).’

Source: Adobe won’t support older operating systems with its next major Creative Cloud update: Digital Photography Review

I canceled my Adobe CC subscription some time ago and now use combinations of Affinity Photo, ON1 RAW or Capture One, depending on the system, including some very old computers.

Great suggestions for those thinking of doing drone photography

The link below goes to a great article.

But I add tip #0 – make sure you are in an area where you can legally fly a quadcopter. Many enthusiasts live within 5 miles of airports and cannot legally fly unless they drive considerable distances. They may also find that there are restrictions at their destinations – no flying in National Parks or National Monuments and many state parks also prohibit drone flying.

Do read the linked article – a lot of good ideas, especially for photographers.

Source: Tips for Doing Drone Photography and How it Improve All Your Images

I learned to fly a quadcopter in stages. I started with a tiny toy that I could fly indoors.

I then made a detour into building my own quadcopter, which is fun, but I recommend buying a higher toy such as the MJX Bugs 3 and/or Bugs 5w and become proficient in flying before you build your own and definitely before choosing a $1,000 camera drone.

You will crash. A lot at first. Far better to crash your $80 Bugs 3 and learn how to replace broken props, burned out ESCs and motors on that than to crash your expensive camera drone.

I once read that it takes about a dozen flights before feeling confident in your flying schools. I think that’s about right. But … feeling confident can lead to getting cocky and doing more than you should, like flying faster, higher or further away, or flying in tight spaces such as between trees – and crashing.

Regarding building your own – mine actually flew – until I crashed it because I had neither the experience yet and I was simultaneously configuring and setting up my home made quad. Too many variables, all at once!

And since you are going to crash, practice safety. I joined a local model aircraft flying club and all of my flights have been on the model airfield. We have the space for safe flying – and safe crashing. We also have water and fire extinguishers on site and buckets of sand to put out Lithium battery fires.

FYI I post a lot of items related to drones and quadcopters on my Coldstreams blog. Check it out!

Pros say lack of a second memory card slot in the new #Nikon Z6 and Z7 #mirrorless cameras is a deal killer

Professionals want digital cameras with two memory card slots so they can create an instant backup while shooting, just in case a memory card fails. For professionals shooting events or spending an entire day shooting in remote locations, the loss of a memory card is catastrophic. Unfortunately, the new Nikon Z cameras lack a second memory slot and the pros commenting on the linked article, below, say that this oversight by Nikon is a deal killer for professionals.

If you are not a professional and do not need a second card slot, the cameras do look pretty cool.

Source: Why This Photographer Does Not Recommend the New Nikon Mirrorless to Professional Photographers | Fstoppers

Lenovo Mirage Camera With Daydream VR180 Review 

This is a very nice set up – its a Daydream VR viewer but it can also be used to shoot VR 3D.

The “nauseous” problem this reviewer experienced is because he had no understanding 3D shooting.

“Tempted by the small size of the Mirage, I had often treated it like a point-and-shoot camera, and recorded quick and short clips everywhere, sometimes even while walking around. Wearing a headset, most of these clips were dizzying and uncomfortable. What’s more, the 3D effect was often barely noticeable, especially when filming anything further away.”

Well duh!

He liked the 3D stills but found that his 3D video was sickening. That’s because he shot numerous short clips and did not understand the concept of a 3D viewing box or the viewing plane. Consequently, he is almost certainly pushing the viewing plane forward and backward very rapidly, causing eye strain and ill feelings. That’s his problem, not the device’s problem.

In fact, I am thinking of buying one of these soon.

Source: Lenovo Mirage Camera With Daydream VR180 Review – Variety