Great suggestions for those thinking of doing drone photography

The link below goes to a great article.

But I add tip #0 – make sure you are in an area where you can legally fly a quadcopter. Many enthusiasts live within 5 miles of airports and cannot legally fly unless they drive considerable distances. They may also find that there are restrictions at their destinations – no flying in National Parks or National Monuments and many state parks also prohibit drone flying.

Do read the linked article – a lot of good ideas, especially for photographers.

Source: Tips for Doing Drone Photography and How it Improve All Your Images

I learned to fly a quadcopter in stages. I started with a tiny toy that I could fly indoors.

I then made a detour into building my own quadcopter, which is fun, but I recommend buying a higher toy such as the MJX Bugs 3 and/or Bugs 5w and become proficient in flying before you build your own and definitely before choosing a $1,000 camera drone.

You will crash. A lot at first. Far better to crash your $80 Bugs 3 and learn how to replace broken props, burned out ESCs and motors on that than to crash your expensive camera drone.

I once read that it takes about a dozen flights before feeling confident in your flying schools. I think that’s about right. But … feeling confident can lead to getting cocky and doing more than you should, like flying faster, higher or further away, or flying in tight spaces such as between trees – and crashing.

Regarding building your own – mine actually flew – until I crashed it because I had neither the experience yet and I was simultaneously configuring and setting up my home made quad. Too many variables, all at once!

And since you are going to crash, practice safety. I joined a local model aircraft flying club and all of my flights have been on the model airfield. We have the space for safe flying – and safe crashing. We also have water and fire extinguishers on site and buckets of sand to put out Lithium battery fires.

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