Panasonic intros new Lumix GX8 4K video, 20.3 MP sensor, m43 format

The Panasonic GX8 is an interchangeable lens camera that offers 4K video and 4K photo along with a new 20.3-megapixel sensor. Also includes both in body and in-lens optical image stabilization. Plus it features an EVF and host of other features. This is a very attractive “real camera” with interchangeable lenses and full 4K video support.

Panasonic DMC-GX8 Camera Body – Black
$1,199.00 with Free Expedited Shipping

Panasonic DMC-GX8 Camera Body – Silver
$1,199.00 with Free Expedited Shipping

Panasonic also introduced an all-in-one camera, the Panasonic FZ300 camera with 4K video and 4K Photo with a 12.1 megapixel sensor. The camera has a splash proof and dust proof body along with 5 axis Hybrid Optical Image Stabilization which assures a clean steady photo and video environment.

Panasonic DMC-FZ300 Digital Camera – Black
$599.00 with Free Expedited Shipping

Very glad to see the new 20 MP sensor on the GX8. For what I shoot, my megapixel interest runs only as high as 20-24 MP. Beyond that is over kill for me. But the m43 format has been lagging the megapixel race. Whether more megapixels is that important depends on your interests, of course, and where your photos are viewed.

Science: 3D films do not make you dizzy

Craftily, we gave some of our volunteers 3D glasses, making them think they were viewing in 3D, but showed them the film in 2D. These people reported dizziness at about the same rate (3%) as those viewing real 3D. In contrast, people viewing real 3D were much more likely to report headache or eyestrain (around 10%) than people who just thought they were viewing 3D. This suggests that while 3D gives some people a headache, it doesn’t really make people dizzy – people just expect it to

Source: Do 3D films make you dizzy – or is it just your imagination?