Google intros subtle “three dimensionality” to Android user interface

It’s subtle – page to the bottom to see the sample user interface: What is Google’s Material Design for Android? Appvigil – Android App Security Scanner.

The software API’s provide new “shadow” features to enhance the Z-axis “elevation” dimension of a control or window. Details of the feature are available from Google.

These effects are – so far – very subtle. I am not sure of the point of this –  its a basic element of graphic design that was used in software more than 25 years ago.

An “API” is an “application programming interface”. Operating systems – such as Android, Windows or Mac OS X – expose features to application programs through an interface, known as an “application programming interface” or just API.

Watching 3D movies may help cure “stereo blindness”

(The item below is an old story from 2012, making the rounds – again. It is a true story where UCSC Prof Bruce Bridgeman restored 3D depth perception as a result of watching a 3D movie.)

5% to 10% of adults suffer from stereo blindness, meaning they are unable to perceive 3D depth or have minimal depth perception. Yet for some, watching 3D movies may be sufficient to rewire the brain to restore depth perception: Living in 2D | Redbrick | University of Birmingham.