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Flickr to charge a fee to have more than 1,000 photos

Flickr’s new owner SmugMug has announced that free accounts will be limited to 1,000 photos and is doubling the price of “Pro” accounts that can have more than 1,000 photos. Accounts that have not upgraded to “Pro” by February 5, 2019 will have their excess photos automatically deleted by Flickr. I have a grandfathered “Pro” account but I am giving serious thought to deleting my Flickr account after these changes by SmugMug. Flickr’s large number of “free” photos had created a photography community – that community will now largely go away and be replaced by a mostly pro or semi-pro community of people seeking to promote themselves or their business. Flickr then turns into a cloud storage system for photos.

Canon EOS R reviewer is loaded with nonsense opinions

Two weeks after Nikon introduced 2 mirrorless cameras, Canon introduces 1 mirrorless camera – ten years after competitors launched the mirrorless revolution in photography. Canon’s offering is missing many features that have been available for years from those “second-rate companies” whose products are not “serious” and “credible” says the Canon fan boy reviewer.

Great suggestions for those thinking of doing drone photography

The link below goes to a great article. But I add tip #0 – make sure you are in an area where you can legally fly a quadcopter. Many enthusiasts live within 5 miles of airports and cannot legally fly unless they drive considerable distances. They may also find that there are restrictions at their destinations – no flying in National Parks or National Monuments and many state parks also prohibit...