Guide to VR, 3D Photos and Video Blog web site upgraded to use https security 0 web site upgraded to use https security

This web site has been upgrade to use https secure access versus the older and non encrypted http. There is nothing here that is controversial or secret that needs protection. However, Google announced some time ago that it would downgrade search results for content that is not accessible via https. In effect, Google is forcing even hobby web sites to...


Reporters still refer to 3D Goggles with a new twist: “goggle-free 3D”

Many biased reporters called 3D glasses “3D goggles” to insult the technology as best they could. They then simultaneously rave over VR helmets, which makes no sense. My 3D glasses are nearly identical to my reading glasses, but no one says I’m wearing “reading goggles”! And we don’t wear “dark goggles” when we drive on a bright and sunny day!...


Kodak announces KodakCoin cryptocurrency

More importantly, the block chain technology provides a way to protect intellectual property rights of photographers. This is a really big deal. In a couple of days, Kodak’s stock has tripled in value and the company transitions from a “has been” to a future oriented business.  


VR 3D, VR 180 stereoscopic cameras shown at #CES2018

Kodak Pixpro 180 – a VR 360 camera that unfolds, points both lenses in the same direction and turns into a VR 180 stereoscopic 3D camera! Vuze+  VR 360 3D camera Stereoscopic VR 180 3D cameras, built on Google’s standard, introduced High End – 8 camera VR 360 3D system I assume there is also something new from LucidCam as...


#Ricoh introduces software development kit, APIs for Theta V #VR camera #VR360 #CES2018

Yay! Ricoh announces a software development kit and partner program for third parties to add features to their Theta V camera. This is exciting – 4-5 years ago, I approached all the camera makers at CES about adding an SDK for their cameras. Panasonic was interested, Sony and Canon did not blow me off, but Nikon was stuck on stupid....


GoPro to end Karma drone product #GoPro #Drone #Drones

GroPro says that regulations in the U.S. and Europe are “hostile” to the drone business, without offering an  explanation. GoPro is getting out of the drone business. Here is a survey of regulations in Europe, including Russia range from hostile to drone usage to straight forward, depending on the country. Some countries require a commercial license if the drone takes...


Will virtual reality lead to more effective propaganda? | – Occupy Propaganda

By “effective” we mean, propaganda that is more successful at persuading someone to adopt someone else’s agenda: “What really makes people trust VR more is that it creates a greater sense of realism compared to text and that creates the trustworthiness,” said Sundar. Source: Will virtual reality lead to more effective propaganda? | – Occupy Propaganda