Will visiting an historic mansion we lucked out – they also had a small display of historical stereoscopes. These are pictures that were printed on a card with separate left eye and right eye views, and then viewed with a stereoscopic viewer.

The ones we saw were probably a good 100 years old – pretty cool! I took 3D stereoscopic pictures of the viewers and will eventually post those here.

Amusingly, very little has changed in 100 years – apparently 100 years ago, people liked looking at 3D images of cute cats.  Just an early version of Youtube, we guess!

“3D with glasses is dead and 4K won’t sell”

Speaking at TV Connect in London, [HBO CTO] Zitter claimed that 3D TV that used glasses is dead and admitted that he is very sceptical over whether consumers will ever buy 4K televisions.

via 3D with glasses is dead and 4K won’t sell, says HBO tech chief | News | TechRadar.

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A multi-directional wide-angle 3D display system

A multi-directional backlight for a wide-angle, glasses-free three-dimensional display : Nature : Nature Publishing Group.

When I was at CES, I suggested to someone that I cannot name the idea that perhaps it would be possible to create multiple steerable viewports from a display. How that would be done is way past me but the idea is similar to the original idea for Vivato Wireless’ flat panel Wi-Fi antenna. That antenna concept, in its original incarnation, could steer multiple Wi-Fi beams simultaneously from one antenna. The flat panel used an electronically steerable phased-array concept to create several directional beams. Suppose there were 3 users out in a field – the antenna could create a directional beam independently yet simultaneously to each of the 3 users.

If we can do this at radio frequencies, I thought, perhaps there is a way to do this at optical frequencies.

The description of this HP invention sounds similar (but could also be completely different). Their invention demonstrates glasses free, full color 3D displays.

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Woodpecker holes in bark, in 3D

Red/cyan anaglyph image – in black and white format – of holes drilled by woodpeckers into bark of tree. Taken with a Canon SX1 IS PowerShot camera.

(My posting is light at the moment as we are prep’ing our house to go for sale, packing up stuff, and also trying to find a new house to move to in another city. Busy!)


Edit your 3D with Pinnacle Studio 16

Edit your 3D with Pinnacle Studio 16.

I have not yet tried Pinnacle Studio for 3D video editing but know people who use it and like it. Have to try it!

I am presently using Vegas Movie Studio 12 for 3D video editing and it has been a solid performer for me.

I also use Magix Movie Edit Pro version 18 (MEP) which I like a lot. The newer version, MEP 2013 Pro was introduced last fall but had some problems with the 3D features in particular. However, MEP 2013 also runs about twice as fast for many functions such as MP4 encoding.  There have also been at least two updates since last fall that fixed most of the problems.  I like the user interface for MEP – and especially like its 3D pair auto synchronization feature.

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