A multi-directional wide-angle 3D display system

A multi-directional backlight for a wide-angle, glasses-free three-dimensional display : Nature : Nature Publishing Group.

When I was at CES, I suggested to someone that I cannot name the idea that perhaps it would be possible to create multiple steerable viewports from a display. How that would be done is way past me but the idea is similar to the original idea for Vivato Wireless’ flat panel Wi-Fi antenna. That antenna concept, in its original incarnation, could steer multiple Wi-Fi beams simultaneously from one antenna. The flat panel used an electronically steerable phased-array concept to create several directional beams. Suppose there were 3 users out in a field – the antenna could create a directional beam independently yet simultaneously to each of the 3 users.

If we can do this at radio frequencies, I thought, perhaps there is a way to do this at optical frequencies.

The description of this HP invention sounds similar (but could also be completely different). Their invention demonstrates glasses free, full color 3D displays.

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