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StereoStitch Introduces Real-Time 3D VR 360 for live 3D VR

Source: StereoStitch Launches a Real-Time 3D 360 Video Stitching Software for VR Live Streaming

Flickr Releases 360º Photo App – but no 3D yet

Since 2005 Flickr, a Yahoo-owned photo sharing site, has supported a relatively large community of 360º photographers with “tens of thousands” of 360º photographs uploaded to the site. So it came as no surprise when they announced an upcoming VR app in September. Now, three months later, Flickr has released Flickr VR for the Samsung Gear VR, but from my initial impressions it probably could have done with a little more time in the tank.

Source: Flickr Releases 360º Photo App for Gear VR With a Massive Content Library – Upload VR

Does not – yet – support stereoscopic viewing

Google Ships 1 Million Cardboard Headsets for VR viewing

Google Cardboard is an inexpensive, simple way for consumers to try out virtual reality tech – using a simple lens/cardboard viewer and a smart phone, plus apps and various online content, consumers can try out VR for just a few dollars. Cardboard, with appropriate apps, is also a great way to watch 3D still and 3D video content.

I have Google Cardboard and recommend it for those interested in trying out 3D VR and 360 degree VR/videos. The future is coming faster than you know!

Source: 1 Million Cardboard Headsets Shipped, Google Says – Road to VR