Lenovo Mirage Camera With Daydream VR180 Review 

This is a very nice set up – its a Daydream VR viewer but it can also be used to shoot VR 3D.

The “nauseous” problem this reviewer experienced is because he had no understanding 3D shooting.

“Tempted by the small size of the Mirage, I had often treated it like a point-and-shoot camera, and recorded quick and short clips everywhere, sometimes even while walking around. Wearing a headset, most of these clips were dizzying and uncomfortable. What’s more, the 3D effect was often barely noticeable, especially when filming anything further away.”

Well duh!

He liked the 3D stills but found that his 3D video was sickening. That’s because he shot numerous short clips and did not understand the concept of a 3D viewing box or the viewing plane. Consequently, he is almost certainly pushing the viewing plane forward and backward very rapidly, causing eye strain and ill feelings. That’s his problem, not the device’s problem.

In fact, I am thinking of buying one of these soon.

Source: Lenovo Mirage Camera With Daydream VR180 Review – Variety

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