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How many clicks will your camera shutter last?

How many shutter clicks can your camera handle before the shutter stops working correctly? Well, it depends on the camera, whether it uses electronic or mechanical shutter, and whether it is a consumer or pro camera.

This is an issue especially now that many photographers are shooting time lapse videos using their DSLR. A 100 second video clip might use 3,000 clicks of the shutter!

There is actual data that can estimate how many clicks you’ll get before needing to replace the shutter.

Professional cameras may make it to the low millions of clicks, but the lower end cameras may wear out before 100k clicks. Page down to see the estimated shutter life.


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The Mountain time lapse video – beautiful

Teide, the highest mountain in Spain (Tenerife...
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The Mountain on Vimeo on Vimeo

via The Mountain on Vimeo.

Photographed at El Teide, the highest mountain in Spain at 3,715 meters. Took a full week to shoot.

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