Youtube’s Universal 3D Video Player has Vanished

All my tech decided to fail at once – you can read about that here – which is why this blog has been offline much of today and not updated much recently.

Separately, Youtube’s universal 3D video player disappeared last night. Previously, the 3D player did not work in Chrome but was usable in FireFox, IE and Opera.

As reported on the 3D TV Yahoo Group the 3D video player has vanished from Youtube.

The Youtube video uploader still has options for selecting 3D video options during upload. Does that mean the 3D video player is coming back? No one knows.

We can only make some guesses – presumably the 3D video player relied on the Adobe Flash Player, which nearly everyone hates and is trying to eliminate. HTML5 supposedly provides some new support – Chrome tries to use HTML5 for the player that always ends up with an error on 3D videos.


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