Copyright scammers issue false copyright claims on Youtube videos

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Anyone can make a copyright claim against others on Youtube, and start earning ad revenue off of your videos. This has turned into a cottage industry for scammers. If you contest their claims, they come right back and make bogus claims on other videos.

The entire Youtube copyright mechanism is broken.

I once had two (legitimate) music publishing companies claim copyright, at the same time, on a performance of “Taps” used in my video. Obviously, two companies could not both own the copyright at the same time!

As documented in the video credits and the video description, the recording used was from the US Army, featuring a US Army trumpet player, based on their written notification that this performance was in the public domain and could be used for any purpose. “Taps” is not copyrighted – it was written during the U.S. Civil War long before music could be copyright and so long ago that the copyright would have expired.

I contested both and they dropped their claims.

Then a German publishing company made a similar claim on a video that did even have any musicexcept for some Civil War era drum cadences recorded live at an event by me. All of the drum cadences pre-dated music copyrights!

Today, I have another company claiming copyright on classical music I used in a very old video – except I paid a fee and licensed the performance that I used and have rights to use it in the video. But some other random company is now collecting ad revenue for music they do not own – unless I contest it.

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