3D in the news – or not

Early last year I began tracking 3D news stories using news.google.com and a search for “3D”. Early on, a fair number of 3D stories were about 3D photography, 3D cameras and especially 3D content (movies, theaters, project systems) and 3D video games and displays.

Today, probably 95% of the stories are about 3D printing technology and 3D printing of products.

We know that consumption of 3D movies at theaters is up and the sale of 3D DVD discs and 3D HDTVs are also up strongly. But the popular meme is that 3D is dead which seems to shape news coverage.

3D is not dead, its just become ordinary and normal.

3D printing is the hot new thing (and it is).

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New 3D rig for the GoPro Hero3 available for $99 from 3DGuy.TV

Go here to take a look at and buy the mounting rig and sync cable on sale for $99.

The SUPERHERO 3D Rig | 3DGuy.tv.

Al Cadullo is a professional 2D/3D cinematographer who has found the GoPro’s provide a compact and excellent quality 3D rig when mated with each other. GoPro sold a synchronization package for their Hero2 but the Hero3 version has been delayed. So he’s come up with his own product.

Reviewed: The Day of the Doctor: A 3D Triumph or Failure?

The Day of the Doctor: A 3D Triumph or Failure? | Doctor Who TV.

I have not seen yet but see that it is available for online viewing pay-per-view for US$7.99: The Day of the Doctor [HD] or you can hold out for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special: The Day of the Doctor (Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD Combo) available in a week or two.

As a 3D video photographer I oddly do not own a Blu-ray player – I think we will get one for Christmas.


Cyclopital3D offering holiday discount

Cyclopital3D makes numerous 3D related camera accessories including interaxial extenders (convert your Sony TDxx or JVC TD1 to about a 6″ (15 cm) interaxial spacing), as well as filter and lens holders and macro 3D photography tools. For example, they have a Fujifilm W3 lens adapter, interaxial extender, and close up/macro adapter. Lots of neat stuff for 3D photographers and 3D cinematographers.

Instructions for the discount are located here: http://cyclopital3d.homestead.com/holiday_sale_2013.pdf

Their web site is here: http://cyclopital3d.homestead.com/

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Deep discounts on hard disk, flash memory storage available

I am up to 13 terabytes of hard drive storage. When you shoot video and archive much of what you do, as well as create backups, you’ll use a lot of hard drive space!

Amazon is running a “Cyber Monday” deals week (the Monday after “Black Friday” deals) with deep discounts on disk and flash memory storage.

A 3 terabyte hard drive is $115 and a SanDisk Cruzer 32 GB USB Flash Drive is $12. I just bought several of the latter – nice backup storage for camera memory (via my notebook computer) when in the field.

And if you connect to the Internet, you get free back ups to the NSA data center! LOL



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