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Yellowstone Epic in #3D

640,000 years in the making – Yellowstone Epic in 3D! Part 1 (4 minutes)

Photographed in 2012 but delayed due to *numerous* technical difficulties with video editing software that destroyed the project three times! Even in this final version, Sony Vegas Pro is unable to output standard side-by-side 3D without scrambling the video!

Photographed using dual Lumix GH-2 cameras and dual Canon HF M100 camcorders. Music licensed from The Music Bakery.

“3D Thumbs outwards!”, says Sikel and Ebert
“Totally rocks!”, says a geologist
“Puts the Steam in Steampunk”, says Professor Elemental
“Breathtaking – can’t breath due to the sulfur!”, said a kid at the hot springs
“The Force Awakens!”, said no one in particular.