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2015 Mobile phones to feature 4K video support and massive megapixel imaging

Suspect many phones will be shooting 4K video as well as the new Qualcomm smart phone chipset features 4K video encoding and decoding:

2015 will see handsets with 4K displays and 55MP cameras. It’s going to be EPIC.

via Snapdragon 810 & 810: 4K Displays, 55MP Cameras & 64-Bit Android | Know Your Mobile.

Android L is a future release of the Android OS and it will move Android from a 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS. This means too that future phones will feature much more memory and higher performance processors.

Hyper3DPhone – Android App – links two phones together for stereoscopic 3D photos

Hyper3DPhone – Android Apps on Google Play.

Designed for taking hyperstereoscopic 3D images using two Android phones.

Run the app on both phones (its free). Identify one phone as the left and the other as the right phone and then move the phones apart.

The app communicates over Bluetooth to synchronize taking photos on both phones at the same time, giving you the left image on the left phone and the right image on the right phone.

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Another 3D mobile phone announced

LG Reaffirms Commitment to 3D with Optimus 3D Max.

From a photography or video perspective, we may not be paying sufficient attention to the mobile smart phone category. There are now quite a few mobile phones featuring glasses-free 3D displays, and I also saw some 3D tablet demos at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. The latter were also glasses-free.

The problem is – what do people do with a 3D phone? There’s not a lot of content and may be only a few games that might be able to support 3D. Is watching a video, let alone a 3D video, something we want to do on our smart phone?

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