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Youtube viewership skews very young

I reviewed the stats for my own Youtube channel and discovered that 77% of all viewers are between the ages of 13 and 44 and about 60% are between the ages of 13 and 34.

Youtube does not present statistics on those under age 13 (think this is due to Federal laws to protect children) but there are third party reports that suggest the very young also view a lot of Youtube videos. Would be reasonable to add another 10% to 15% in that age group, meaning 90% + or – are below the age of 44.

But merely counting viewers by age does not give us the full story. I suspect that younger viewers also watch more minutes than do older viewers.  If we had access to that data, we would probably see that nearly all of our channel views come from a young viewership.

This age skew is why some topics get large viewership, notably:

  • Video gaming videos
  • Hair, makeup and fashion videos are targeted at “tween” and teen girls – and older. Surprisingly, 25% of “Generation Y” and “X” have dyed their hair a non-natural color at some point. This is a bigger audience category than one might think.
  • Music videos (which usually target a young audience)
  • “Adventure” videos – often doing crazy stuff or even well organized crazy stuff, score highly too. Remember that the younger demographic has a bias towards breaking the rules and trying new and crazy stuff.
  • Some physical activity interest area videos (mountain biking, dancing, skate boarding)

Those topics appeal to the younger viewers that make up the bulk of Youtube viewers. If you want to attract a big channel audience, you will probably want to target topics that interest young viewers.

This demographic is also very important for advertisers – brand identification starts young. Buying habits start young. And many young people spend a lot of money. Youtube is an advertiser’s dream audience.

More Youtube demographics over on my other blog.

Update: No surprise – Youtube “stars” are better recognized/more famous among teens than are “A-list” movie stars and celebrities.

Youtube seeks higher quality content to charge premium ad rates

I will have more to say about Youtube and the business case another time:

The talks underscore Google Inc’s desire to complete YouTube’s transition from a repository for grainy home videos to a site sporting the more polished content crucial to securing higher-priced advertising.

via Exclusive: YouTube weighs funding efforts to boost premium content – sources | Reuters.

Not surprisingly, its all about the ad revenue now. Those that deliver ad

YouTube Censored
YouTube Censored (Photo credit: dannysullivan)

opportunities for Youtube will achieve prominence and the rest  (most everyone else!) may find themselves disappearing in search results and recommended lists.

Youtube previously announced it had modified search results and recommendations based on its “big data” analysis, to drive more minutes of viewing. Consequently, these changes are not secret.

This may have repercussions for those us interested in 3D. 3D has not – yet – delivered significant online audiences for Youtube (except for one person). Youtube has been an early proponent of 3D by offering a reasonable 3D delivery platform but how long will that last?

(I produce short 3D videos as a hobby, not as a profession. But like any hobby producer, I am gratified that people wish to watch what I create. But if they can’t find the videos, then they will not be watching either.)

3D product photography solution for business offices

New Office Photography Machine to Debut at CES 2014.

The concept is similar to a photocopier, but in 3 dimensions. Product samples can be then be transmitted as 3D images to others, or posted online as revolving 3D images, or even presumably converted into 3D model files.

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3D Digital Signage coming at you

LG Electronics will showcase its digital signage lineup at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Jan. 8-11, 2013. The LG selection will include the companys flagship 55-inch 3D video wall, the 84-inch Ultra HD multitouch signage, the EZ Sign TV, Smart Gate Media Pole, Smart Mirror and other commercial display solutions, according to a company announcement.

via LG showing off digital signage, massive 3D video wall at CES 2013 |

We have a handful of 3D advertising set ups – excuse me, digital signage – set up, mostly at truck stops in the area. Eventually these will likely be anywhere that people congregate.

YouTube View Fraud – how top producers once (and maybe still do) gamed the system

View fraud is used to rapidly increase the number of views of an online video, moving a video quickly on to the Most Viewed and Top Rated lists. That, in turn, exposes the video to real users who are implored to “Subscribe!”.

There are numerous online reports (and data to back them up) suggesting that many of today’s top online video producers use view fraud to game the system and achieve their early online video success.

Some say they still game the system: YouTube View Fraud – Encyclopedia Dramatica.

It was (and may be still is) quite easy to do. Another short example here.

This article gives additional tips on view fraud (embedding your videso to autoplay on every page of your web site)  and which video sites are better at weeding out fraud, than others.

This does not mean all producers engaged in view fraud but there are plenty of online stories and data to back them up that suggest a number of today’s top producers did indeed use view fraud to establish their online presence.


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