YouTube to open its 4th production studio

Youtube Studios adds New York City to its existing studios in Tokyo, London and Los Angeles – accessible to any Youtube channel with at least 5,000 subscribers:

It will be chock-full of expensive equipment wired for collaboration all over the world, and it will all be available at a cost of exactly zero.Creators can easily gain access to the space. YouTube artists need a minimum of 5,000 subscribers to their channel and must be part of the company’s Partner Program, in which ads are hosted and revenue is shared.
Partners are given access to better cameras, production spaces and editing facilities as classes train them not just in shooting video, but also in makeup, design and anything else that might make programming pop online.

via YouTube Takes Manhattan –
Perhaps more importantly, the new studio is located near “Madison Ave” advertising agencies as Youtube content increasingly turns into smaller versions of what you watch on cable TV. Indeed, Youtube stars are already using the same agency, management, talent lawyers and agents as Hollywood. (I was amused, recently, to learn that one of the Youtube “stars” that appears by himself, is actually supported by a team of about two dozen people now!)
Some Youtube creators are complaining that Youtube takes 45% of all ad revenue and it has become very difficult to make a living creating content for Youtube.
However, some Youtube “stars” will also soon be adding books to their revenue streams.
Personal note – Youtube has coalesced into an increasingly “winner take all” market place. With so much content uploaded every minute, my own videos, which once had at least thousands of views, are now lucky to get tens of views. With their recent dropping of the 3D video player, I am contemplating ending uploads of video to Youtube. Youtube has become saturated and it is difficult for new offerings to get viewed.
Flickr, on the other hand, has been incredibly successful for me.

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