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Perhaps my best 3D depth photo so far

Photograph of the “fishing pond” at the 2012 Spokane Valley Fest. Photographed using two Lumix GH-2 cameras, 14-42mm lens on the 14mm end. I really like how all the “clutter” creates very nice depth in this photo, plus the camera alignment was decent at the time of the shoot 🙂

Use red/cyan glasses for viewing this stereoscopic anaglyph image. Click on the image for a full size photo.

[singlepic id=160 w=640 h=480 float=]


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#3D photo of fishing demonstration, for kids

Spokane Valley Fest, Spokane Valley, WA – September 2012.

Fishing demo (for kids) at the (fake) water fall and pond in Mirabeau Park.

Of interest, the only people to ask me about my 3D camera set up (two Lumix GH-2s on home made mount) were a group of six kids probably 2nd to 4th graders. They asked a lot of very good questions and I carefully explained how 3D photos work – they really wanted to know! One of the kids shared that she has an actual 3D video game system at home, and another showed me that she too had a camera, a quite decent point n shoot type. Good kids! Great enthusiasm for 3D!

Wiggle version (small for Google+ requirements) – click on the image and it will display in a separate window using the 3D wiggle method (no glasses required).


Red/cyan anaglyph version – click on image for full size version.

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