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My 3D videos are located on my Youtube page at

You can watch videos in 3D on Youtube using the Youtube universal viewer.

(This needs to be updated – Youtube has changed their viewer – click on the Settings “gear” icon in the Youtube player, then choose 3D on or off, and select Options to choose the 3D viewing format.)

When you see “3D” in the control bar, at bottom right of the video, this means that video is available in 3D. Click on the 3D label and select how you would like to view the video in 3D – red/cyan anaglyph (colored glasses), magenta/green (colored glasses) as well as side-by-side and other formats used by full color 3D monitors and 3D HDTVs.

Click on 3D and see options like this – you use anaglyph colored glasses try the Dubois method for best results:

3D  Options1

Click on “Other options” in the above pop up to see these options, including formats for viewing on full color 3D displays. Use “Interleaved” for my passive 3D monitor.

3D Options2


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