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Sony introduces stunning new digital cameras, low light, 4K video, super slo mo

RX10 II: 1″ sensor, 4K video, 40x super slow motion, super high shutter speed (1/32,000 second) RX100 IV: The above, plus 16 fps continuous shooting @ 20.1 MP, EVF, software upgradeable A7 R II: Full frame, 42.4 megapixels, ISO 102,400. 5-axis image stabilization, 4K video, high bit rates Source: Sony Global – Digital Imaging

Magix Movie Edit 3D video encoding tip

I am using Magix Movie Edit Pro MX Plus for 3D video editing. When I am ready to encode my videos, I have been exporting them as MPEG4 video files. However, when I output red/cyan anaglyph for my own viewing (I do not have a 3D monitor), I have been disappointed in the compression quality. This became readily apparent today on some test shots that included grass, bushes, tree leaves and...