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Hyper3DPhone – Android App – links two phones together for stereoscopic 3D photos

Hyper3DPhone – Android Apps on Google Play. Designed for taking hyperstereoscopic 3D images using two Android phones. Run the app on both phones (its free). Identify one phone as the left and the other as the right phone and then move the phones apart. The app communicates over Bluetooth to synchronize taking photos on both phones at the same time, giving you the left image on the left phone and the...

Video comparison: iPhone4 vs. iPhone4S vs. iPad2 vs. New iPad

So which Apple device shoots the best video? Well, best is a matter of opinion. But to help form that opinion, I shot some identical video using an iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPad2 and the new iPad. via Video Shootout – iPhone4 vs. iPhone4S vs. iPad2 vs. New iPad | Web Video Secrets Podcast – WebVideoUniversity.com.

Converting individual .MTS AVCHD files on Mac OS X

I have deleted much of this original post since it was not that useful. Until Final Cut Pro X, Apple did not support AVCHD file formats well. Importing an AVCHD file involved a time consuming and file expanding conversion from AVCHD to either Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC) or ProRes codec.  The files are often 3 to 5x larger than their originals. The only benefit was the editing was faster than if...

Mobile video statistics

Device type matters. And it looks like tablets are shaping viewer behavior in new ways. Tablet users averaged nearly 30 percent more viewing time per play than those who watched on desktops, for instance, and they completed videos at double the desktop rate. via VideoMind Video Index: Analytics Meets Big Data | VideoMind.

Digital still photography

Until now, most of my still photography was mostly family and vacation snapshots with only a bit being serious still photography. Most of my photography has been at 30 frames per second. As a very happy owner of a Panasonic Lumix GH-2 – which I bought for video work, of course – I am now getting interested in still photography once again. I say “once again” since I had (and still...