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Common photography aspect ratios and print sizes are arbitrary

Still photography and motion pictures have, over history, used aspect ratios such as 4:3, 3:2, or for printing 4×5, 8×10 and what not. These choices were arbitrary – based on practical design and implementation considerations of the time. The popular 8×10 paper size came from how fine paper was originally manufactured and sliced down to size by hand, in Dutch...

Samsung announces giant cinema-sized 3D LED 4K screen

‚ÄčLess than a year ago, Samsung unveiled a cinema-sized LED screen capable of 4K resolution, and followed this in July with its first commercial installation at a theater in Seoul, South Korea. Now the company has revealed a 3D version at the Integrated Systems Europe 2018 expo in Amsterdam.‚Äč Source: Samsung’s massive Cinema LED screen goes 3D

Walmart (U.S.) has a good collection of 3D Blu-ray discs for sale

You’ll need to page through the multi-page list to find the 3D Blu-Ray options but there are many. This is nice to see as 3D titles became harder to find for sale as the 3D TV market collapsed. Source: 3d movies on blu-ray – Also, 3D movie “pay for view” is available from whose 3D channel is available... web site upgraded to use https security

This web site has been upgrade to use https secure access versus the older and non encrypted http. There is nothing here that is controversial or secret that needs protection. However, Google announced some time ago that it would downgrade search results for content that is not accessible via https. In effect, Google is forcing even hobby web sites to...

Reporters still refer to 3D Goggles with a new twist: “goggle-free 3D”

Many biased reporters called 3D glasses “3D goggles” to insult the technology as best they could. They then simultaneously rave over VR helmets, which makes no sense. My 3D glasses are nearly identical to my reading glasses, but no one says I’m wearing “reading goggles”! And we don’t wear “dark goggles” when we drive on a bright and sunny day!...