Monthly Archive: November 2014

Lumix GH-4 and other camera deals-great prices!

Great Prices! 2-year extended warranty on Lumix GH-4 and other Panasonic cameras Panasonic will be giving an extended 2-year limited warranty on select Panasonic Lumix G-series cameras and lenses, purchased between 11/23/2014 and 12/27/2014: =====> Link Great deal prices on selected Panasonic Lumix cameras and a lot of Lumix lenses too! I may be buying something for myself! These are great deals!  =====> Link —————————– Sennheiser MKH-416 Short Shotgun Interference Tube Mic Bundle With...

James Cameron: “3-D [is] firmly entrenched in the film business”

MR. CAMERON: The good news is that 3-D’s firmly entrenched in the film business. The bad news is that it didn’t make the leap to broadcast. It tried to, but unfortunately it was one of those things where it was done prematurely, and the technology wasn’t right. …. Now the technology has come along that is glasses-free, autostereoscopic, full resolution, looks gorgeous. via Why 3-D TV Was Too Early – WSJ.

3D market to grow 33% annually in APAC region

The 3D TV market in the APAC is to grow at a CAGR of 33.2% over the period 2013-2018 via Research and Markets: 3D TV Market in the APAC Region 2014-2018 with LG, Samsung, Sony & Toshiba Dominating | Business Wire.

The First 3D Printed Movie … by Random Cat Pictures

We’ve all heard humorous murmurs like “gee, what will they be 3D printing next—babies?” Many of us do wonder what the technological crystal ball holds for 3D printing. And while 3D printing technology has been the “stuff” that movies are made from, literally (think Coraline or The Boxtrolls), it  hasn’t yet been the central theme, until now, with Caden–and what a provocative one it is. via The First 3D Printed Movie: Random...

Stereoscopic 3D Color Prints Using Nanopixels

Researchers Create the World’s Smallest Stereoscopic 3D Color Prints Using Nanopixels – But … it appears to still require polarized glasses for viewing. Related articles Energy-efficient 3D display maintains images without power Ultra-thin 3D Displays For The Future LCD tech displays 3D images using very little electricity

Zemanta’s bias against 3D?

Zemanta is a “plug in” for WordPress-based web sites. When writing content, Zemata scans the text and offers suggestions of photos that can be inserted into your content, generally for free. It’s a neat feature that is easy to use to add valuable images to web pages. I have an old post that reviews a particular 3D camera and has a title similar to “Camera X 3D Image Quality”. Zemanta suggests...