Monthly Archive: January 2014

StereoPhoto Maker 3D Software

The best software for 3D photo editing and processing is that created by Matsuji Suto – StereoPhoto Maker – which may be downloaded from his web page: Muttyan’s Home Page English. This software runs only on Windows PCs. But it is also the most feature complete.  It takes some time to learn to use it but after the initial learning curve, you’ll find the software does everything. I describe how to use...

Sony introduces Movie Studio 13

Available at discount pricing through Feb 28th, Movie Studio 13 is an upgrade to their popular Movie Studio 12 product line: Home Studio Family Overview. Haven’t looked at MS13 in depth yet, but it adds Sony XAVC S 4k support, touch screen support for Windows 8.1 tablets, a new help feature, a slideshow creator, improved color correction tools.

4k video compression technologies buried under patents

H.265 video compression tech for 4K streaming buried in patents: Patent licensing terms still murky for next-gen video | Cutting Edge – CNET News. Google, on the other hand, is promoting VP9 for free. By incorporating VP9 in to Youtube 4K, Google has potential to create a market standard. And they’ve got some heavy hitters signed on: Sony, LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Nvidia, Intel and others. Related articles YouTube’s Ultra HD Strategy Could...

3D movies announced so far for 2014 has a list of known 3D movies coming out in 2014. Close to an average of one every week through July – probably more to be announced for later in the year: 3D Streaming – STEREOSCOPY – Topic: 2014 3D Release Calendar 1/1.

EyeFly 3D adds 3D to the iPad

Adds a lenticular lens sheet overlay to the iPad and software to support glasses free image view and 2D to 3D conversion: EyeFly 3D debuts 3D overlay for iPad Air – Crave – Tablets – CNET Asia. Related articles Apple iPad Pro With 4K Display Now In Development By Foxconn: Latest Rumor – Crossmap Review: Should Photographers Buy an iPad? More Rumors of a 4K, 12.9-Inch “iPad Pro”

Apple receives patent on method of automatically pairing 3D clips shot on 2 cameras

This strongly suggests 3D editing is coming to Final Cut Pro X: Apple’s 3D video editing patent hints at future Final Cut Pro features. An Apple Final Cut user survey done a year ago included several questions about 3D editing, suggesting Apple was watching the 3D space carefully. The Apple patent appears to cover a method of associating two independent clips shot on two cameras (the left and right cameras). This is...

3D TV not yet dead and getting better

A more accurate description of the 3D market versus recent bizarre news reports: And so it is with 3D TV: It’s not dead, and it is getting better. 3D TVs were actually quite in evidence on the CES floor, though they’re no longer hyped. via 3D TV: Not Dead Yet, and Getting Better | Variety. Bingo: Vizio feedback from retailers was very positive, not least because without glasses, 3D TV is...