Monthly Archive: January 2009

Please de-interlace your online video!

In the past few weeks I have watched several professionally produced online videos – great productions, great lighting, great talent, great content – and terrible online video encoding. The #1 problem by far was uploading interlaced video to online video host sites – please don’t do that! The result is a comb-like effect on vertical and diagonal lines that are moving in the video! It’s ugly! And not necessary!

What does the face detection feature do in your camera?

Many video cameras now seem to include face detection capabilities. But what exactly is face detection? Our primer explains how it works and how it might stump you, too. via Basic Training About Face!. Two of my video cameras have face detection capability, and use that to adjust color balance and typically to soften the facial features to remove the effects of harsh, high contrast lighting on appearance. However, every camera...