Canon EOS R reviewer is loaded with nonsense opinions

Canon introduces its new mirrorless camera, two weeks after Nikon introduced 2 mirrorless cameras, and ten years after competitors launched the mirrorless revolution in photography:

it’s official: mirrorless cameras are no longer the preserve of second-rate companies who couldn’t compete against Canon and Nikon’s DSLR duopoly, but a crucial part of the future of high-end photography. Canon and Nikon are late to the game, to be sure, but no-one can doubt that both companies’ new products are serious, wholehearted efforts to develop credible and wholly modern camera systems.

Source: Canon EOS R hands-on preview: proof that mirrorless is the future – The Verge

And the EOS R is still missing many features that have been available from those second-rate companies for years. And whose products cost a fraction of those from Canon and Nikon. That said, the Canon and Nikon products are fine, albeit, late. Their new products mark a foundation on which they will build into the future. The problem is the Canon fan boy reviewer that wrote this nonsensical first look.

The Verge writer has defined “credible” cameras, not in terms of features, but in terms of brand name. A balanced view, by comparison, may be found here.

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