#3D TV is dead in Australia, but smartphone-based #VR3D #VR viewers may replace TVs

As I’ve said before, smart phones provide an inexpensive entry point for virtual reality viewing:

A key benefit is that it does not require you to buy a new TV. Instead, you can use a smartphone, which 84% of Australians already have.

Source: 3D television is dead… so what next?

Consumer 3D TV died for multiple reasons

  1. Little to no content available (huge reason)
  2. Expense of purchasing a new TV just after many had upgraded to HDTV.
  3. The global economic collapse in 2009 onwards.
  4. And as the article notes, many parts of the world were just converting to digital television transmission, adding another hurdle for consumers.

Basically, timing and lack of content ended the consumer 3D TV market – and had nothing to do with having to wear glasses to view 3D, contrary to widespread news reporters assertions that 3D died because of “3D goggles” (the same reporters now gush over VR “helmets”).

While 3D TV has mostly disappeared for now, a lot of people are viewing 3D using VR 3D “Google Cardboard” viewers with their smart phones. There are Youtube videos targeting this audience that have been watched hundreds of thousands of times.

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