Youtube 3D video player reported to work in Firefox 33

There are reports that the new Firefox version 33 browser is now displaying the Youtube 3D player again.
I do not have time at the moment to check on this – or whether the feature is working in other browsers yet. Let’s hope that this gets repaired – it is odd for companies not to issue official statements when there are serious defects that cause serious problems for customers.

Fascinating article about Youtube stars' business models

Is YouTube Risking A Creative Exodus? ⚙ Co.Labs ⚙ code + community.
It’s getting hard for many of them to make the money needed to fund their production efforts based on Youtube ad revenue, alone.
Musicians make their money primarily by selling their music outside of Youtube (e.g. iTunes) – and use Youtube for the promotion of the music.
For others, the “stars” are branching out with sponsorships and paid product placements (a lot of videos now have hidden ad placement – some like the endless fashion/hair/makeup videos targeted at tweens through age 20 or so feature products the star was paid to show), merchandising and the latest is books, movies and even TV deals. Others, like Devin Graham, do sponsored videos that get shared with his millions of subscribers, featuring people having fun with products and services. He just announced he’s off to Istanbul courtesy of Turkish Airlines (and then probably other destinations as well).
Youtube is rapidly turning into something other than what it has been. Whether it ends up in a good place only time will tell. Obviously, Youtube and its content creators cannot sit still.
Yahoo might use Tumbler as a way to compete with Youtube. Hmmm.

YouTube to open its 4th production studio

Youtube Studios adds New York City to its existing studios in Tokyo, London and Los Angeles – accessible to any Youtube channel with at least 5,000 subscribers:

It will be chock-full of expensive equipment wired for collaboration all over the world, and it will all be available at a cost of exactly zero.Creators can easily gain access to the space. YouTube artists need a minimum of 5,000 subscribers to their channel and must be part of the company’s Partner Program, in which ads are hosted and revenue is shared.
Partners are given access to better cameras, production spaces and editing facilities as classes train them not just in shooting video, but also in makeup, design and anything else that might make programming pop online.

via YouTube Takes Manhattan –
Perhaps more importantly, the new studio is located near “Madison Ave” advertising agencies as Youtube content increasingly turns into smaller versions of what you watch on cable TV. Indeed, Youtube stars are already using the same agency, management, talent lawyers and agents as Hollywood. (I was amused, recently, to learn that one of the Youtube “stars” that appears by himself, is actually supported by a team of about two dozen people now!)
Some Youtube creators are complaining that Youtube takes 45% of all ad revenue and it has become very difficult to make a living creating content for Youtube.
However, some Youtube “stars” will also soon be adding books to their revenue streams.
Personal note – Youtube has coalesced into an increasingly “winner take all” market place. With so much content uploaded every minute, my own videos, which once had at least thousands of views, are now lucky to get tens of views. With their recent dropping of the 3D video player, I am contemplating ending uploads of video to Youtube. Youtube has become saturated and it is difficult for new offerings to get viewed.
Flickr, on the other hand, has been incredibly successful for me.

How the industry ruined 3D TV for viewers

And the more I thought about that, the more apparent it became that 3D’s failure is a fiasco of colossal proportions in which the film industry is at least as culpable as the TV makers.
Before getting into that, though, let’s first just confirm that 3D really does seem to be in serious, potentially terminal decline.

via 3D Can Be Brilliant – When Hollywood And Your TV Aren’t Messing It Up.
The reasons 3D faded:

  • Lack of good quality 3D content
  • A bad story in 3D is still a bad story
  • Poorly filmed 3D movies – technically bad 3D; and the related use of poorly converted 2D to 3D, turning 3D into a marketing gimmick
  • Poor use of 3D – turning existing 2D scenes into 3D misses the opportunity of using depth cues
  • And of course, lack of 3D porn
  • Other technologies are now in competition – namely 4K (eventually 8K), 48 and 60 frame per second video, “RAW” and HDR video – which mean fewer resources to pursue 3D now

4K 3D may resolve some of the technical issues with greater resolution for passive 3D glasses or glasses-free displays. I have seen some spectacular 4K 3D glasses-free displays – they do exist in prototype form.
For now, the new technologies appear to be larger opportunities for the industry – 4K and high frame rate, in particular. These technologies are likely to be the focus on the industry for some time to come before interest – and investment – returns to 3D. The Return on Investment in pushing 4K and HFR probably looks better than the ROI of further 3D work right now.

GoPro – HERO4 – 4K/30fps and 1080p at 120 fps

Introducing HERO4 Black, the most advanced GoPro ever. Featuring improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates,1 HERO4 Black takes Emmy® Award-winning GoPro performance to a whole new level. Incredible high-resolution 4K30 and 2.7K50 video and high frame rate 1080p120 video enable stunning, immersive footage of you and your world. New Protune™ settings for both photos and video unlock manual control of Color, ISO Limit, Exposure and more. Waterproof to 131’ (40m) with 12MP photos at a blistering 30 frames per second and improved audio

via GoPro – HERO4 Black camera – 2x the performance. 4K30, 2.7K50 and 1080p120 video.
With all the 4k and high frame rate gear coming out, we can see why Youtube is pushing into 4k and HFR solutions.
I am not seeing a GoPro Hero4 3D package like they had with the earlier camera. A great solution for the Hero3+ is available form a 3rd party here, though.

Why Youtube 3D might be gone for a long time

Update October 15th: Youtube has returned to using the Flash-based video player which supports 3D viewing.
Back in June, Youtube announced they were working on many new features: YouTube Creator Blog: Look ahead: creator features coming to YouTube.
One of these is support for 48 and 60 frame per second video, as illustrated in these demonstration 720/60p videos on Youtube. Supposedly several channels on Youtube have had 60p capability enabled for testing.
My guess is Youtube has placed a higher priority on their published feature list and likely other features not yet announced (including additional capabilities to completed features such as Creator Studio)- and not on their unannounced shutting down the 3D video player. There are many capabilities yet to come such as improved integration with other Google Services (they’ve just added a way to link in Google Photos, for example).
At some point, 3D will come back. But Google did not support their own Youtube 3D player in their own Google Chrome browser which sends a strong message that 3D has not been a priority at Youtube for quite some time.

How to get more photo views on Flickr

Researchers used a computer-based system to analyze millions of photos for various characteristics and how they may correlate with total views on Flickr.
Where your photo appears within a page of photos (e.g. upper left or middle) can impact its viewership. Of course, so too does the content of the photo.
The presence or absence of certain objects is effective “for predicting popularity”.

“Some of the most common objects present in images are: seashore, lakeside, sandbar, valley, volcano”.

They note their classification of image objects may be incorrect at times, but arrive at the following “impacts” of various objects in photos:

  • Strong positive impact: miniskirt, maillot [swimsuit], bikini, cup, brassiere, perfume, revolver
  • Medium positive impact: cheetah, giant panda, basketball, llama, plow, ladybug
  • Low positive impact: wild boar, solar dish, horsecart, guacamole, catamaran
  • Negative impact: spatula, plunger, laptop, golfcart, space heater

via www2014_khosla.pdf.
Other recommendations, from other sources, are to post 1 to 5 photos each day (photo streams show 1 or 5 photos only), and make the last photo uploaded in a group as your best, most eye catching photo (due to how photos are arranged in the photo stream). Tag all photos with search terms and add descriptive text. Cross post photos to groups. And of course, add descriptive texts.
Lisa Bettany made a blog post saying that #1 is to have an out focus background, #2 is to have lens flare, #3 is to have “hot chicks”, #4 is cute animals, #5 is close ups of flowers, and #6 is interesting photos with “interesting and tragically bohemian titles”.

After DailyMotion’s meltdown, they deleted my old videos

As noted in this blog post – Bad week for online video support – Youtube, DailyMotion | – DailyMotion suffered a system failure that resulted in videos uploaded between September 2013 and April 2014 being unable to play.

I logged in to DailyMotion this morning and found that DailyMotion has deleted my videos from that period.

About 10 days ago, Youtube ended support for their 3D video player.

Should I continue shooting and posting videos? We can no longer trust the cloud for anything.