Youtube's 3D Video Player is Now Working Again

Since September 30th, the ability to select 3D viewing options has been turned off on Youtube as Youtube appeared to have forced all to use the HTML5 video player, which does not support 3D.
Today, every browser I have tested- except ┬áChrome – is back to using the Flash-based video player, which supports 3D, by default.
Some said this was due to something in Firefox version 33, which was just released but there is nothing in their release notes suggesting this new release had anything to do with the restoration of 3D. Further, the Flash-based 3D player is now appearing in Internet Explorer, Opera for Windows and Mac OS X, Firefox for Windows and Mac OS X, and Safari for Mac OS X. The only browser that does not support 3D is Google’s own Chrome browers that continues to rely on the HTML5 video player.
There has been no official word from anyone as to what they are doing with this back and forth changing of the video player, the dropping of the 3D feature and now the restoration of the 3D video player. We hope the 3D feature remains available but will Google decide in 2 weeks to make another random change and break it?

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