3D TV not yet dead and getting better

A more accurate description of the 3D market versus recent bizarre news reports:

And so it is with 3D TV: It’s not dead, and it is getting better. 3D TVs were actually quite in evidence on the CES floor, though they’re no longer hyped.

via 3D TV: Not Dead Yet, and Getting Better | Variety.


Vizio feedback from retailers was very positive, not least because without glasses, 3D TV is much easier to show at retail,” 

That comment nails the marketing issue – features that are hard to demonstrate at the retail level are hard to sell. Features that are easy to demo, sell products. That’s marketing 101.

Of interest, 20% of Vizio customers are using their TV for Internet streaming video. And that number will only increase over time. This is important for the 3D market because the Internet is ideal for serving widely dispersed special interest groups, whereas broadcasting, and cable TV delivered broadcasts are suited for mass markets. Until there is a mass market, the cable guys and gals cannot justify devoting entire channels to a 3D market niche. The Internet, on the other hand, does not care – and 3D is poised to grow through Internet content delivery until such time as mass market status is achieved.

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