How camera companies muck up their marketing efforts

They all build great cameras but only a couple excel at marketing – Readers story: “Marketing advice to Olympus, from a hobby photographer” by Mark Ryan Sallee | 43 Rumors.

The writer of the linked story remarks that “micro 4/3ds” as a brand is unfortunate. “Micro” implies small while 4/3ds is a fraction and most people have minds that go numb at the first mention of numbers – especially fractions!

Canon and Nikon do a good job selling the sizzle, rather than the steak. Canon largely markets a life style – people using Canon gear live exciting lives of travel and fashion.

The writer goes on to the multiple and confusing brands often used by a single camera maker.  I find the market segmentation has gone to extremes – from all camera companies. Check out their lower end product lines and they often have dozens of different cameras that cause consumer confusion.

I have been looking at 3D video cameras and find oddities there too.  Such as 3D video cameras that shoot only 1080i interlaced images and not progressive images, yet my inexpensive camcorder shoots 1080p! And then the use of storage formats like MVC that were not originally supported (and often still not) in common video editing software. What were they thinking?


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