Sony Bloggie 3D being discontinued too?

Sony Bloggie 3D
Sony Bloggie 3D (Photo credit: hawaii)

I noted that the Fujifilm 3D W3, the Lumix 3D1 and the Toshiba Z100 are showing up as discontinued or low availability.

Now, I just spied the Sony Bloggie 3D showing up at an Electronic Closeouts distributor.

We will likely see new models announced in 2 weeks at the 2013 CES. I have read that the Fujifilm W3 and the Sony Bloggie 3D sold in good quantities. On Youtube, there are a lot of Sony Bloggie 3D sample videos to choose from suggesting it has been a popular (and inexpensive) 3D camera solution.

Most consumers who shoot 3D using these cameras upload their photos or video directly and do not do any image processing. A problem with 3D cameras is that the lenses eventually (and sometimes pretty quickly) become out of alignment. This can be corrected using StereoPhoto Maker for still images or Sony Vegas Movie Studio or Magix Movie Edit Pro for videos. But hardly anyone does those corrections. And the result is a LOT of bad quality 3D video on Youtube!


Tip – essentially all 3D photos and video should be reviewed and processed on the computer before uploading!

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