High End professional video cameras put up against a high end consumer camera and … lose

Surprisingly, perhaps, the high end consumer camera is selected as the best quality: Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout Part Two | Zacuto USA.

The test “shoot out” showed 5 professionally made short films to a group of industry professionals and asked them to select which film looked best.

The cameras used included the RED Epic ($35,000 to $40,000 w/o lens and options), the Canon C300 ($16,000 w/o lens), the Arri Alexa ($60,000), the Sony F65 ($70,000), and the high end consumer camera, the Lumix GH-2 mirrorless DSLR (I bought mine for $650 with kit lens).

The film shot on the GH-2 was selected as the best overall quality.

Summary of the results here.

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