User installable apps might be coming to cameras

I have promoted the idea that modern cameras should provide software development kits and make what some hackers have done (CHDK for Canon or VK’s PTool hack for the Lumix cameras) a supportable feature. At the 2012 CES, I spoke with each of the camera manufacturers (except Olympus) about this idea. Only one was real receptive to the idea and one was emphatic “Will never happen”. But now comes this item:

3) Olympus: apps on cameras are coming. In that case Mr. Thackara said: “It’s something that has been discussed, but because the emphasis is on image quality, they’re [Olympus] a little wary of opening up the OS. I think it’ll happen eventually, but things are not as easy as we think. The appeal of people being able to add to their cameras is big though. It’s on the list.”

via 43 Rumors | Blog | Olympus talks about current m43 cameras, future of compact cameras and future Application support Techradar.

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