2011 Camera Predictions by Thom Hogan

2011 Predictions by Thom Hogan.

Having just returned from the 2011 CES, I find myself in general agreement with his predictions. I also see he has a Spokane, Wa connection; didn’t realize that.

Worth reading what Thom has to say – whether you agree or disagree. My sense from CES is that Sony and Panasonic are mostly heading in the right direction in the future, except for Panasonic closing off the hacking door on the GH-1. Very, very dumb move. I wish the camera makers would have their DSLR staff talk more with their video staff. They make great new DSLRs but leave out things like on screen zebras, audio level controls, or auto focus lenses – or if they have them, the focusing mechanism is noisy, which doesn’t work in audio/video!

And no one seems to have a DSLR with video that also includes a simple headphone audio output – monitoring your audio is usually pretty critical!

Canon, Nikon and the traditional camera makers seem bent on ever more pixel resolutions – although most camera makers are now acknowledging the need for better low light performance. Low light and super high resolution imagers are generally at odds with one another.

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