youtube Failed (upload aborted)

uploading Failed upload aborted – YouTube Help.

Just an FYI – this is happening to me, also. It has been impossible to upload videos to YouTube the past couple of days. Actually, I can upload short videos, say 30 seconds long – YouTube gives an error but processes the video anyway. Longer videos, such as 5 minutes, always fail. I suspect this is due to YouTube’s new 1080p upgrade not working.

Nothing changed on my end – or for the many others experiencing this problem. Today is Saturday, November 21, 2009 for reference.

There is a work around, apparently: Use the multi-video or bulk video upload option. This does work for me and others.

2 thoughts on “youtube Failed (upload aborted)”

  1. It is 31 February 2010 and upload fails/aborts are still happening. I checked the HELP section on YouTube and could not find any of these work-arounds, so thanks for posting this last year! Anyone know what the root problem is, and why YouTube does not cover it in their HELP section?

  2. Yes but bulk upload is not supported anymore. So here we have bigger problem than before. Another upload sites may upload just something about
    300 MB on youtube what a shame :-(.

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