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Build your own 3D dual camera mounting rails

Ritwika Mitra shows how to build your own dual camera mount featuring an adjustable interaxial distance for 3d stereoscopic photography or video. Ritwika is a high school senior, by the way. Cool young woman! She and her sister are also the founders of the non-profit Rennow.org.

The details begin at about 2:30 into the video. I built this but I also use a fixed mounting bracket that is simpler and smaller. At some point, I will post photos of my set up for 3D.

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Amazing – Create 3D video from old 2D videos

California/Arizona Time Lapse on Vimeo by Dan ...
Image by cloudchaser32000 via Flickr

This is an amazingly nice 3D video created by Dan Eckert as a conversion from 2D video.

How the heck does that work? As long as the camera is moving slowly left or right during the video shoot, you can create a fake 3D stereoscopic view by offsetting the 2D video by a few frames. Use the original video stream for one eye and the offset stream for the other eye – your brain sees this as three dimensional. The effect is amazing.

Youtube now provides a 2D to 3D conversion feature as well.

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A 3D Camera Rig

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Last night I built an aluminum 3D camera rig that holds two cameras for either still or video photography. My own interest is in shooting 3D video.

The rig is small, light weight, easy to transport and will hold any modest sized still or video camera. I stole the construction idea from someone else and will pass all that along “soon”.

I hope to “soon” start shooting 3D video with two cameras. With family events, business travel looming, starting to write my M.S. thesis in software engineering, and bad weather, having a chance to put it all to use and test it out may be a while yet!

But sometime in the future, I hope to share some cool 3D stereoscopic videos. Get your red-cyan glasses ready!

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