Canon SX40 HS has much improved video

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2 Responses

  1. Dave says:

    What is a Canon SX40IS ?

    Canon websites don’t list one !

  2. Well, that figures! Canon just introduced it a couple of weeks ago. They also now call it the Canon SX40 HS instead of the IS. The IS originally stood, I think, for image stabilization. The HS stands for “hybrid” or something – it is supposed to improve the low light performance.

    You can order one from Amazon though!

    The SX40 is an evolution in their PowerShot line – includes a very long zoom lens, 1080p video, manual overrides of most everything for still shooting. But it apparently does NOT include RAW mode – that’s a bummer.

    I have the SX1IS. The video on the SX1IS is not so good, and all indoor shooting ends up with noise galore since there is no way to control the video gain/ISO during video mode. But the still shooting in its 12-bit RAW mode is quite good and I have been very pleased. The lens isn’t so sharp at its wide angle position but everything else is great.

    But that’s a bummer that Canon would intro the SX40 HS but not include RAW mode.